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Facilitating Successful Real Estate Transactions With Diligence

For most individuals, the largest investment they will make in their lifetime is the purchase of a home. Purchases and leases of commercial property are also highly consequential investments for businesses. When all goes as planned, buying a house or a commercial building can provide stability and, eventually, profit as a property increases in value over time. A knowledgeable real estate lawyer’s guidance can be invaluable for achieving the desired results. When obstacles and disputes arise, legal counsel becomes even more critical.

At Folds Walker, LLC, our real estate practice group maintains a people-centered approach as we help our clients navigate the process of buying or selling homes, investment residential properties and commercial properties. We work cooperatively with all members of the transaction team – real estate agents, title companies, attorneys for other parties, lenders and government regulators – to ensure a smooth pathway from purchase agreement and contract to closing. We also handle commercial lease agreements with close attention to accuracy.

Applying Our Strengths To Protect Our Real Estate Clients’ Investments

The Folds Walker, LLC, team understands the importance of close communication with clients. Our attorneys emphasize the following through our quality services:

  • Remaining accessible and responsive throughout a purchase or lease process
  • Providing necessary information to clients proactively
  • Taking a hands-on approach, meaning that the lawyer in charge of a real estate matter stays personally involved in all of its aspects

Our legal staff assists but does not take the place of an attorney’s role. Our entire team works together to ensure that all details are handled correctly and in a timely manner.

Whether you are a buyer, a seller or a real estate professional, our real estate attorneys can assist with drafting and negotiating real estate contracts, escrowing funds, preparing closing documents, performing settlement services, searching title histories, issuing title insurance policies and finalizing closing loan packages. We are likewise diligent in facilitating commercial lease agreements.

Representing Buyers, Sellers And Others In Real Estate Litigation

Real estate transactions do not always go off without a hitch. Obstacles along the way may include problems with titles, failure of other parties to fulfill their responsibilities and other unexpected troubles, such as problems involving owners of adjacent properties. Our litigation team is zealous to protect our clients’ rights and interests through negotiations, mediation, arbitration or trial preparations.

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