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Administrative, Civil And White Collar Appeals

When a court’s decision or a government body’s ruling is unreasonable or flawed, bringing an appeal can be the next step in pursuit of the right result. Appellate lawyers cultivate and apply special skills, including an ability to scrutinize legal processes to discover justifications for appeals and then translate those findings into compelling oral and/or written arguments.

Folds Walker, LLC, has a great deal of experience bringing appeals of all types on behalf of individuals, businesses and public entities. Our lawyers bring strong cases on behalf of our clients in administrative hearings and/or written appeals to higher courts regarding civil litigation matters.

When Is An Appeal Warranted?

In administrative law matters, when a government agency makes a ruling against the interests of an individual or a business, that individual or business may bring an administrative appeal, according to the Florida Administrative Procedures Act (APA), F.S. Ch. 120, if all of the following are true:

  • The agency action (decision) is final.
  • The Florida APA applies.
  • The appellant was a party to the administrative hearing that led to the agency’s action.
  • They were adversely affected by the final agency action.

Likewise, in general civil litigation, a plaintiff or defendant may bring an appeal to a higher court after a lower court decision is considered by the appellant to be flawed in terms of the law, facts or procedures. The same is true when the defendant in a criminal matter has sound reasons to object to a court’s verdict.

Folds Walker, LLC, has extensive experience and a strong record in administrative, civil and criminal appeals. Our appellate lawyers are well-practiced and prepared to evaluate any unacceptable administrative action or any court’s decision in a civil or criminal matter in Florida. Attorney referrals are welcome.

To Request A Case Review

Ideally, your lawyer should take actions during an administrative hearing or during civil or white collar criminal litigation to position your case for a potential appeal if necessary. Our litigation attorneys regularly take proactive approaches on behalf of our clients in agency or lower court proceedings. We also have experience discovering and exploiting grounds for appeals in cases that we were not involved in before the appeals.

To request an evaluation of your agency action, civil litigation verdict or criminal conviction for a potential appeal, call us at 352-729-3814 or send an email inquiry through this website.