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Family Law Representation Tailored To Your Family’s Needs

Facing a legal issue that involves your family and your future can be extremely difficult. When you find yourself in this position, you need a law firm on your side that will work to reach a resolution that suits your goals and needs.

At the Gainesville office of Folds Walker, LLC, we are dedicated to providing the customized solutions and experienced representation you need to move forward with your case and life. We are compassionate in our interactions with clients, understanding the toll these matters can take on an individual and a family.

Divorce And Related Issues

No one ever walks down the aisle expecting anything less than “until death do us part.” Sadly, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. At Folds Walker, LLC, we know how stressful this time in your life can be. Our skilled lawyers work to get you through the unpleasant divorce experience as painlessly as possible. We handle all types of divorces and challenges that stem from divorce, including:

  • Interstate and international divorces
  • Property division (equitable distribution of marital assets and property, as well as marital debts)
  • Alimony (spousal maintenance or spousal support)
  • Child custody matters
  • Child support obligations
  • Other issues that arise in a simple or complex divorce

Other Family Law Matters

In addition to divorce, our firm has extensive knowledge of other types of cases that fall into the area of family law. Whether it’s relocation with minor children, paternity, challenges to the validity of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, or child support enforcement, we are here to help. We handle child custody and child support issues outside of divorce for unmarried parents, protecting your rights and preserving the best interests of your child every step of the way.

Choosing The Right Avenue Of Resolution For You

We know that it often makes financial and emotional sense for our clients to resolve their cases out of court. This is often a less stressful way to reach a solution, especially when children are involved. But when that is not possible, we have experience in taking cases to court as well.  We have litigated every type of family law matter and do not shy away from persuasively advocating for you in front of a judge.

Talk To A Member Of Our Legal Team Today

Nothing is worse than hiring a lawyer you can never reach on the phone. Because we know you need to be able to talk to us, we adopt a team approach to each of our cases. When you call our firm, someone who knows your case should be available to talk to you or return your call shortly thereafter. So, call our office at 352-729-3814 now or contact us online.