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Helping You Through The Family Law Mediation Process

Divorce does not have to be resolved through public battles in the courtroom. Mediation is a favored process for many challenging family law cases. In mediation, a trained neutral third party, or a “mediator,” facilitates the resolution of a dispute to help the parties resolve their differences.

Why Choose Mediation?

Benefits of mediation include the following:

  • The content of the proceedings remains confidential.
  • Parties in divorce or child custody disputes can ensure that topics discussed focus on issues that matter most to them.
  • Life-changing decisions are made by the people who will be affected.
  • Parties in mediation can maintain control of timing. They do not have to meet unchangeable dates in tight court calendars.
  • Decisions achieved in mediation will thereafter be delivered to the court and in most cases, will become part of enforceable court orders.
  • Mediation can be more efficient and less expensive than a trial.

Enlist Experienced Mediators For Your Divorce Or Custody Dispute

Folds Walker, LLC, attorneys include mediators trained in private and court-based disputes. Allison E. Folds has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court to mediate family law matters as well as circuit civil disputes, and S. Scott Walker has been certified to mediate family law matters. We can serve as mediators or advise clients going through mediation in proceedings handled by other mediators.

Discuss your family law case and pathways to resolution that will put your family first. Attorney referrals are also welcome. Schedule a consultation with one of our family law mediation attorneys by email or at Folds Walker, LLC.