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Encroachment issues and what you can do about them

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Real Estate

When buying a home or a piece of land in Florida, your agent will request a professional property survey to identify your boundaries. The process of buying real estate is tedious and requires a lot of work, so when a person encroaches on your space without your consent, it can be hurtful. Here’s what you can do in such a situation.

Try to remain civil

You can easily resolve most real estate encroachment issues by talking to your neighbor. Have a civil discussion with your neighbor and tell them about the encroachment and ask them to resolve things as necessary. Even if things get ugly, the judge will look favorably upon you for trying to solve the issue in a civil manner.

Get a surveyor

If your neighbor disagrees about encroachment, you should hire a surveyor to prove that they are truly in your space. A recent surveyor’s report can help you during mediation or in court.

Request your attorney to send them a letter

If your neighbor is still not doing anything about the encroachment, show them that you mean business by having your lawyer draft a letter about the issue at hand. This letter must detail the violation and suggest ways to resolve the encroachment issue promptly. It is advisable that you do this before taking further legal action.

File for a lawsuit in Florida courts

This should be your last course of action when all your methods of trying to reach a reasonable agreement have failed. This is because lawsuits will cost you both a lot of money and might drag on for a long time, which is something that nobody wants. However, it is crucial when your neighbor is stubborn and won’t reason with you.

Encroachment disputes can make your life difficult and miserable because you can’t have peace when someone else is taking advantage of you. Arm yourself with the necessary information and documents when proceeding to the court.