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Hiring professional help during a real estate transaction

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Real Estate

When deciding to purchase a home or commercial property in Florida, it is wise to have help. Though some people may feel as if they could navigate this process on their own, it is not typically advisable for someone to purchase or sell a house or similar property without the assistance of a professional. Of course, the type of professional help a person enlists for a real estate deal could vary. 

For example, some people may think that a realtor and a real estate agent hold the same job. That is not necessarily the case. Some similarities and differences of these two professions include: 

  • Both may oversee transactions involving purchasing or renting residential or commercial property. 
  • Real estate agents often have to work under a broker, who typically oversees agents and meets additional licensing requirements as set by state law. 
  • Realtors can act as real estate agents or real estate brokers. 
  • To become a realtor, a real estate agent would need to become a member of the National Association of Realtors 
  • Realtors must comply with the NAR Code of Ethics. 

The decision to hire an agent or a realtor can depend on the specific needs and wishes of the potential buyer or seller. However, having this help may be worthwhile to consider so that individuals, especially those with little experience in this area, can have support and reliable insight. Having someone to help with this process could make it much less stressful. 

In addition to having an agent or a realtor, individuals may also want to look into hiring a Florida real estate attorney. Often, an attorney is necessary during these transactions to ensure that contracts and other matters are handled appropriately. However, legal counsel could also act as another source of assistance and information during the process, which may prove invaluable.