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Examining the idea of the “eight-year itch”

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Divorce

The term “seven-year itch” refers to the idea that at a marriage’s seven-year mark, couples may experience a decline in their satisfaction with their relationship, leading to a potential desire for new experiences. However, some Florida couples wonder if this phenomenon continues past seven years, leading to the concept of the “eight-year itch.”

What does the research say?

Research on the topic is limited, but some statistics suggest that there may be some truth to the eight-year itch. The census bureau places the average duration of a first marriage that ends in divorce at just over eight years.

Reasons for the trend

One potential reason for this divorce trend is that the eight-year mark is often when children are entering school, and couples may feel a sense of emptiness or lack of purpose once their children are more independent. Additionally, couples may begin to feel like they have less in common as they mature and change over time, leading to a potential desire for new experiences or relationships.

However, it’s important to note that not all couples experience an eight-year itch, of course. Some may continue to thrive and grow together, even after many years of marriage. Furthermore, it’s important to remember that every relationship is unique and is subject to a variety of factors, including communication, shared values and individual personalities.

The reality of the “eight-year itch”

So, is there an eight-year itch that affects married couples? The answer is, it depends.

While some studies suggest that divorce rates tend to spike around the eight-year mark, not all couples will experience a decline in their satisfaction with their relationship at this time. Factors such as communication, values and unique personalities can all contribute to the longevity of a relationship. If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, seeking support can be a valuable resource to help you and your partner work through any issues and build a stronger relationship that will outlast any kind of “itch.”