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How can single parents make their home child friendly?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Family Law

When parents in Florida decide to end their marriage, one or both parents can make a new life in a new home. However, it’s often difficult to make your home a welcoming space for your children while embracing this new chapter in your life. When setting up your new home, you can make the space safe and fun for your children.

Avoiding fragile materials

Young children make messes and often break things. With that in mind, avoiding decorating with fragile materials is a good idea if you share young children with your ex. Instead of choosing white furniture and carpet, consider choosing a color with more stain resistance.

Remember to childproof

Young children tend to put everything they find in their mouths. That’s why childproofing your home is an important part of creating a new space for yourself and your children. When determining child custody arrangements, family law judges often consider the living accommodations of each parent, which means that providing a safe space is a must.

Create fun spaces

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with creating a playroom for your children, you also know that toys and games will make their way into other areas. With that in mind, create some fun spaces throughout your new home. Clear off some bottom shelves in your living room for toys and children’s books or put a small table in your home office where your children can create their art projects.

Listen to your kids

The changes that children go through during and after a divorce can leave them traumatized. The feeling of losing complete control is hard for some kids to deal with. Let your children have a say in what some parts of your new home look like to help give them their voice back.

While divorce is hard, it also allows both parents to create a new living space for themselves. It is possible to create a space that meets the whole family’s needs.