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Understanding zoning regulations and ordinances is essential

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Real Estate

Zoning regulations and ordinances help govern how you use property in Florida. Following them is essential as they provide the parameters allowed when developing land. Before you purchase real estate, it’s critical to understand how it can be used to ensure you can follow through with your plans.

Zoning regulations and ordinances are essential

Zoning is involved in virtually every real estate development project. When you are considering buying property to make improvements or develop from raw land, understanding the zoning rights attached to the land is critical. Failing to do so may make it challenging to build a new structure you’ve planned or revamp an existing one. Before you get too far into the process and find yourself dealing with real estate litigation, it’s essential to do your homework.

Land uses and zoning districts

You can use land in many different ways. Farming, residential or commercial use are three primary methods. Within these categories, you have more choices. However, zoning regulations typically don’t allow these three categories to be used together when developing land. For example, you probably won’t be allowed to build a hospital between houses in a residential area. Unlike Houston, where there aren’t any zoning ordinances, every other major city in the United States incorporates these regulations into land development, making it necessary to follow them if you want to abide by the law.

The pros and cons of zoning

One of the most significant benefits of zoning is its ability to protect and enhance property values. However, zoning can discourage development in some locations. Regulations may also increase the cost of building a new structure and can work against historic mixed-use neighborhoods in older communities. While this is a negative, zoning can prevent the mixing of incompatible land uses, such as having an erotic dance club near a school.

When you’re planning to build a new structure or refurbish one that’s existing, understanding zoning ordinances and regulations can be critical to your bottom line and keep you within the law.