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3 reasons child support may come to an end

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Family Law

The financial obligations that continue to an ex-spouse after divorce can differ depending on the details of the relationship. For example, if the former couple had children together, it is possible that one parent may have to pay child support to the other, which is a scenario individuals without children do not have to worry about. However, those who do have children may have support concerns even after the divorce has been finalized for some time. 

It is not unusual for Florida residents to face changes in life that affect income and other financial details. When certain changes occur, a person paying child support may wonder whether there is reason for the payments to stop. While it is never a good idea to simply stop paying court-ordered support because a person believes he or she should not have to pay, reasons do exist for petitioning the court for a stop to the payments. 

Three common reasons that this type of support payment may no longer suit the circumstances include the following: 

  • The paying parent has faced significant changes to his or her financial circumstances and can no longer feasibly make payments without facing a financial burden. 
  • The parents decide to get back together. This scenario would require the receiving parent to explain to the court that he or she no longer wants to receive child support payments. 
  • The receiving parent sees a significant increase in his or her income, making support payments from the paying parent unnecessary. Either the receiving parent would have to explain that payments are no longer needed, or the paying parent could petition for a modification to reduce or stop payments. 

The financial obligations a person continues to have to an ex can often be a point of contention. However, when a court order to pay child support is in effect, the paying parent must comply with that order or face serious consequences. If Florida parents have concerns about an upcoming support agreement or wish to pursue modifications of an existing order, they may want to explore their legal options thoroughly.