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3 ways to encourage a loved one to create an estate plan

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Estate Planning

Assets, end-of-life wishes, getting older and other related topics can be tricky to discuss with loved ones, especially if they are the ones getting into their retirement years. Many Florida residents like to focus on the upbeat and bright side of things in life, but it is important not to ignore the possible negative situations that could arise as well. Creating an estate plan could ensure that these possibilities have been addressed, and having a plan may help individuals and their families feel more at ease.

In some cases, the person who is getting older may not appear to have given any thought to estate planning. This can often be disconcerting for younger loved ones, especially adult children of older people, who worry that they won’t know what to do in a serious medical emergency or after their loved one’s passing. Of course, encouraging someone to make a plan can be tricky as well because younger parties certainly do not want to come across as being insensitive, making a money grab or just waiting for a loved one to pass.

When bringing up the topic of estate planning, it may be useful to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Be upfront and open about concerns, questions and reasons for wanting the loved one to create a plan.
  • Draw attention to the fact that having a plan in place could bring about peace of mind for the loved one as well as his or her family members who may need the instructions later.
  • Remind the loved one that he or she has control over who is named as beneficiary to certain accounts and assets and that the decisions can be made carefully and without haste.

Though these benefits are important, numerous other reasons exist for encouraging estate planning as well. If Florida residents believe that their loved ones are ready to create an estate plan of their own, it may also be wise to encourage those loved ones to get professional assistance. Attorneys experienced in this area of law could better ensure that wishes are made in legally binding and clear ways.