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Where to buy affordable beach homes in Florida

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Real Estate

Although some of Florida’s small towns are affordable places to find vacation properties or retirement homes, finding a budget-friendly beachfront property can prove challenging. However, several Florida towns offer affordable beach homes in 2024. Here are a couple of Florida towns where individuals can find primary residences or investment properties.

Hot spots for affordable beach homes in Florida

One relatively affordable Florida coastal town is Port St. Joe. This city, located in Florida’s Panhandle, features an average home cost of more than $480,000. It is a popular town for individuals who enjoy spending time outdoors, as it features a state preserve and a state park. These spots can be excellent locations for biking, birdwatching and hiking. The city also has a public beach.

Another town where homes for sale are relatively cost-friendly is Dunedin. Home prices average a little more than $444,000 here. The town is situated on Tampa’s north side along the Gulf Coast. Like Port St. Joe, the city is attractive to outdoor enthusiasts, offering beaches and hiking opportunities. Individuals who appreciate the fine arts may also be interested in visiting the city’s fine arts center and gallery.

How a real estate attorney can help

Hiring an attorney as soon as possible is a wise move for an individual contemplating buying real estate in Florida. An attorney can be accessible throughout the purchase process, proactively providing the individual vital information about the home and each step of the process. The attorney can also help handle essential tasks like negotiating the real estate contract and escrowing money, ensuring that his or her client’s rights are protected from start to finish.