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How nesting may help children of divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2024 | Family Law

Divorce can be emotionally challenging for two adults to navigate, but the experience can be just as confusing for their minor children. Fortunately, nesting may help parents who are getting divorced in Florida minimize their marital breakup’s effect on their children. Here is a look at how nesting works.

A primer on nesting after divorce

Nesting is an arrangement where children remain in the marital home following their parents’ divorce and the parents take turns staying in the home. The arrangement will likely work only if the marital breakup is amicable. This is because a successful nesting experience requires the parents to maintain open communication, especially during their first nesting year.

An important part of the nesting process is for the parents to discuss how to handle their shared expenses. These include grocery shopping, mortgage payments and home maintenance. If both parents understand each other’s expectations of them, this can help them maintain a cohesive home environment for the entire family in the years ahead.

How a family law attorney can help

An individual who is interested in trying nesting after divorce may want to discuss the possibility with a family law attorney in Florida. The attorney may help the individual create a comprehensive custody agreement with the other party that establishes the arrangement’s terms, such as which parent stays with the children on certain days. The attorney will strive to ensure that his or her client’s rights are protected and that the children’s best interests are upheld during each phase of the divorce proceeding.