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An empty nest leads to divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Divorce

Recent studies have shown that empty nest syndrome is increasingly contributing to the high divorce rate in Florida. Parents who have devoted the majority of their adult lives to raising children often find themselves struggling to cope with the sudden departure of their kids to college or to start their own families. This can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression, ultimately damaging the relationship between the spouses.

Emty nest’s syndrome’s effect

Empty nest syndrome usually affects older couples when their children grow up and leave the home. Several changes to the household may occur once the children leave. Sometimes, the relationship with one spouse weakens, and adult children might become closer to the other spouse.

Both spouses may find a connection through their relationship with their children. When the children leave home, the tie that binds the spouses together may no longer exist. Problems in the marriage may manifest without the children in the house. Couples could begin to argue more, leading to irreconcilable differences that damage the relationship.

Marital problems arise

When the children are no longer around, the spouses may have disagreements over managing the household. They could have stark differences in budgeting for their lives, as one may look at retirement savings more seriously than the other. Such troubles might move the spouse toward divorce.

As time passes, it’s common for both partners in a marriage to lose interest in each other and instead focus on outside distractions such as hobbies or even taking on a job after retirement. Disagreements that may have been present between the two spouses all along may have been ignored or put aside. However, once the children leave the home and the couple is left with an empty nest, the underlying issues become more apparent, which can ultimately lead to an unavoidable divorce.