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Ready to bring on employees? Remember the employment agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

Though some Florida entrepreneurs are able to start and run their companies on their own or with a few select people for a while, business growth often presents the need to bring in employees. While employees are often a valuable asset to any company, it is important that the business relationship is treated seriously, which can include creating an employment agreement. This agreement could ensure that the parties involved know what is expected.

When creating an employment agreement, a prospective employer may find it most useful to have a written agreement. A written contract could better ensure that the terms are easily recalled in the event that a dispute or confusion arises in regard to duties, expectations, pay or other details. When writing an agreement, it is important that the wording and terms cover necessary areas, including that an employer may add or modify job duties as needed.

Of course, even with an agreement in place, it is possible for an employee to not follow the terms of the agreement. In some cases, a breach of contract may be relatively simple and easily resolved. However, if an employee substantially breaches the contract, termination or other actions may be warranted.

Though an employment agreement can add protection for a business owner, it is important that the agreement complies with Florida laws regarding such contracts. If an employer does not follow the necessary laws, the agreement could be considered invalid if contested later. Fortunately, business owners who are ready to bring in employees could work with experienced business law attorneys to draw up their agreements and ensure that they are legally binding.