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Co-parenting is more than a trend but not always easy

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

These days, it is common to refer to two parents raising their children after ending their marriage as co-parents. Co-parenting essentially means that the divorced parties will continue to work together to share custody and raise their kids as well as possible. Of course, making this child custody agreement for the good of the kids does not mean that parents will automatically get along, but they can put their best foot forward to do so.

Parenting with an ex is not an easy task. Some of the reasons behind the divorce may have revolved around parenting differences or an inability to come to agreements. This can cause frustration and sometimes anger, but when trying to co-parent, parties may want to remember that loving the children is the most important part of this arrangement. Holding that love higher than any hate or animosity one has toward an ex could help parents remember the purpose of the arrangement.

Plus, with technology these days, parents can more easily communicate with each other without having to have face-to-face conversations or even phone calls. Parents can text, email or use an app to communicate. Many apps cater specifically to parents and their custody arrangements, so they may be able to create parenting schedules, make schedule changes, send reminders and ensure that both parents know when doctor appointments, school activities and other events are taking place.

Co-parenting may seem like a trend, but really, it can help parents continue to have active roles in their kids’ lives and allow the kids to build strong relationships with both parents. It may not always be an easy child custody arrangement, but hopefully, Florida parents can make the most of it. If individuals have questions about shared custody and co-parenting, they may want to contact knowledgeable family law attorneys.